October 2008

During mid October the steel framed shed that spanned the courtyard of our steading was taken down.  It was brilliant to see the full outline of our steading at last! Lots of work to take the roof  sheets off and cut the steel beams.  The good beams in the front shed went to a new home and the older ones at the back were cut to manageable sizes and will be sold for scrap once the price of steel picks up a bit.

Steading Courtyard

Steading Courtyard


Sheds covering courtyard

Sheds covering courtyard

September 2008

South Elevation

After a 2 1/2 month wait we have finally been granted planning permission for the changes we made to the original planning permission…wooohoooo!  Our building warrant application went in at the start of September apparantly it should be approved within 6 weeks….not holding our breath…..

July 2008


Summer 2008 – 2 weeks off , a mini digger, a breaker and a dumper truck and 2 total amateurs started work at the steading. Who knew how much fun a mini digger could be! My lovely dad bought a mini digger that we could borrow from him to do some work.  We also got [...]

How it all began…

Previous Residents - Cows

It all started on a snowy January day in 2007 …   We hadn’t set out to buy a run down old cow shed in the wrong side of town but we thought we would have a look since we were at a loose end anyways and instantly fell in love.  We had to have it!   It was perfect, [...]